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Coleen Rooney reveals placenta pills secret

Coleen Rooney reveals placenta pills secret

The birth of a new baby is bound to leave any woman feeling exhausted and lacking in body confidence for months, if not years.

But celebrity WAG Coleen Rooney emerged after the birth of her third baby, new son Kit, looking trim and confident enough to show her postpartum physique in a bikini a mere two months after. The wife of Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney has now revealed she puts her post-baby body and energy down to eating her own placenta in the form of pills.

Coleen had her afterbirth freeze-dried and converted in to capsules days after Kit was born in January.

Speaking to the Mirror of the benefits, the mum-of-three whose other children are Kai, six, and three-year-old Klay, said: “They had a slightly metallic taste and they definitely made me feel energised.

“I felt full of very positive energy and it helped with a number of pregnancy symptoms such as the produce of milk. I slept really well and they helped to stabilise my weight after having Kit.”

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