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Construction play ideas with Stickle Bricks

Construction play ideas with Stickle Bricks

Stickle Bricks have made a comeback and here at we couldn't be happier! The heritage toy brand has taken over, and thanks to the toy makers Flair, we have some really handy construction play ideas for you to try at home.


Stickle Bricks come in a huge variety of block colours, making them perfect for teaching little ones how to tell the difference between colours. A great idea is to jumble the bricks together in the Big Red Bucket and challenge your tot to separate the bricks by colour. Once they've sorted the colours, repeat what each colour is called and see if they can say the colours back to you.


Introducing your kids to numbers and basic maths is always easier when you have something to demonstrate with. Separate your Stickle Bricks into different amounts (e.g. a group of 3, a group of 5) and then play out how the number would change if one brick was taken away or two were added.


Stickle Bricks come in a brilliant variety of familiar and abstract shapes. Starting with familiar shapes such as squares and rectangles, draw the shape on a piece of paper and encourage your little one to find the matching brick. Once they can identify and match the shapes, teach them the names of what they've learned.

Free play

As well as giving your children structured play ideas, it's always beneficial to allow them to have free play with Stickle Bricks. This is the best way for them to be creative and use their imagination!

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