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Cost of sending your child to school in 2016 revealed

Cost of sending your child to school in 2016 revealed

You might be ready to send the kids back to school, but have you considered how much it’ll set you back for the year? A new survey asked 2,024 parents in the UK to list all the elements that go into sending their child to school, and it came back with interesting results!

According to the findings, parents should expect to pay approximately £1,519 to send a child to school. Some of the main costs throughout the year include £220 for childcare, £70 on a uniform and £585 for packed lunches. Judging by the study, it also seems how much you should expect to spend varies according to where you live. The average cost of sending one child to school for parents in the UK is £17,374, increasing to £21,298 for children in London.

In addition to this, the research found parents with children in years 8 and 11 should be particularly frugal, with these considered to be the most expensive academic years due to additional costs. For example, school trips cause yearly prices to hit slightly over £1,700 per child.

Are these figures similar to what you spend, or do you think they’re way off the mark? Let us know what you think over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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