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Could this girl be Madeleine?

Could this girl be Madeleine?

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann continues to generate huge interest, so it’s little wonder that the world’s now been gripped by the image of an unidentified English-speaking girl who’s been found sleeping rough in the streets of Rome.

Could she be Madeleine who would now be 13? There appear to be striking similarities between the face of Madeleine before she went missing in 2007 from the Portuguese resort of Praia de Luz and that of the mystery person who’s believed to be in her teens!

As the Metro reports, she refuses to accept cash and has been described as polite but unable to speak Italian. The girl responds to the name Maria, but she has given police different names. Speculation erupted after pictures of the mystery girl were posted on the site Missing Persons of America which says she is not very responsive and seems “confused, traumatized or mentally ill”. However, much to the disappointment of those convinced she could be Madeleine, the idea has already been ruled out because she doesn’t have the distinctive blemish on her eye.

So the search for Madeleine continues. God only knows the horror her family continues to go through!

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