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Court rules ‘No’ to term-time holidays

Court rules ‘No’ to term-time holidays

We’re going to Disney World! A sentence many kids up and down the UK would love their parents to say when it comes to planning a summer holiday. However, most parents cannot afford this magical trip, especially outside term times when the prices hike! It can be a struggle for parents to book a holiday during the term breaks due to the increases in prices from airlines and travel companies.

Today marks a landmark case between education chiefs and father Jon Platt, who was hit with a £120 fine due to taking his daughter to Disney World during term time. Despite his child having a good attendance record of over 90% for the rest of the year, he was still given a fine! The family has contested the fine and it went to the Supreme Court today.

The Supreme Court has ruled that parents cannot legally take children out of school during term-time without their head teacher's permission after a landmark legal battle between education chiefs and Jon Platt.

The trip in contest caused his daughter to be absent from school for a total of six day. Perhaps, the fine and court hearing is an extreme measure for a parent who took their child on a family holiday! Surely these menial six days would not impact his child’s education in such a negative way that it would outweigh creating family memories?!

There are now a rising number of parents that are being prosecuted after their children have missed school. Now the government and in particular, Sir Michael Willshaw former Chief Inspector of Schools In England and former head of Ofsted is set on criminalising parents. When asked today on the news if will one week off school will really ruin a child's education and whether childhood memories are an equally important step? He said “Yes it will and if parents love their children and care for their children they will balance schools and holidays.”

Surely, as long as the child is not regularly off school through illness and are prepared to catch up with the work they missed, then a family holiday could have a healthy impact on the child’s development?

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