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Create a Rusty Rivets Robot!

Create a Rusty Rivets Robot!

Rusty and Ruby love to make loads of items from the recycling yard, so we’re helping you guys make a cool Rusty Rivets Robot! We’ve included some instructions below along with some ideas for contents.

You can also get creative with arms and legs and use plastic cups, soda bottles, and anything else you can get your hands on.

What you will need:

  • 1 x Cube box for the body
  • Cardboard Tubes
  • Plastic cups for the arms and legs
  • Upside down bowl
  • Sticker Sheets
  • Colouring Pens
  • Selection of craft items provided including Googly eyes, pipe cleaners etc.
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Set all your supplies out on a table or flat surface
  2. You may want to put a table cloth down to prevent any accidents
  3. Take the larger central box, this is going to be the body of your robot
  4. This can be designed at this stage to look like a robot body, why not draw on some nuts and bolts?
  5. The arms will be next! Take six of the plastic cups and tape them together in a concertina effect – see below image
  6. You can cut holes into the sides of the box to help with the arms not sticking out too much
  7. Place the cups into the holes (or tape to the sides) now you have some arms
  8. Next take the remaining two cups and turn upside down
  9. Place the body box on top of the upside-down cups and stick together –these will be your legs
  10. Take the bowl and turn upside down too
  11. Place on top of the central box and stick down – this will be the head
  12. Decorate as the kids fancy!
  13. You now have a robot fit for the Rusty Rivets recycling yard!
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