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Dad’s dealing with Miscarriages

Dad’s dealing with Miscarriages

Mcbusted band member Harry Judd is the latest celebrity to talk about his wife’s miscarriage last year which happened in 2014. The couple had been going through rounds of IVF treatments but unfortunately they weren’t successful.

Their story has inspired others to talk about their experience.

Simon from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire speaking to the BBC about his partner’s miscarriage said; “Women, without generalising, are much more open about talking to their friends and their family Whereas, I think, men - we don't do that.

“Miscarriages are never easy for anyone involved. The way it happens, the pain the women have to go through is just destroying to be honest”. “One in 100 people have multiple miscarriages and we thought that won't be us but it really is a dagger in your heart I was feeling so happy that I was going to become a father, but the next thing was the utter heartbreak when the miscarriage happened.

Simon added "Recently Mark Zuckerberg talked about going through miscarriages and how lonely he felt and I can sympathise”.

When talking about miscarriages Zuckerburg said: “People need to talk about it. It needs to have awareness”.

Simon and has wife gave birth to their first child earlier this summer.

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