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Daily chores could save your life!

Daily chores could save your life!

Forget the gym and forget joining a Zumba class, all you need is 30 minutes of some housework to keep you in top condition. According to a new study, keeping busy around the house with household tasks like moping and gardening could save your life.

The study was carried out by a Canadian university and it states that carrying out household chores five times per week could help you to live longer! The study's researchers tracked 130,000 people from 17 different countries and found that keeping yourself busy with household chores for 150 minutes a week could reduce your risk of mortality by nearly 30%! That is a huge percentage, we didn’t realise household cleaning could have so many benefits- pass me the mop!

This isn’t only good for us mums, now we’ve all got another excuse to make sure the kids do their chores! Not only is it for their discipline but now we can say it’s for the good of their health!

Do you want to get the kids involved with carrying out chores but not sure what they could help with? Why not start them off with some simple tasks like helping you on the weekly family food shop? This way they can have an input into the foods they eat at dinner time and if they want to make unhealthy choices you can explain to them the benefits of healthy eating.

Or if you want them to help you keep things tidy around the house why not encourage them to keep their room tidy or help with clearing away the table after a family meal?

These simple tasks give your children vital life skills that are important for building their confidence. Some parents may feel guilty for making their children do chores but they can make children feel like they have some responsibility in the house and now you have the added health benefit too!

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