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Badly parked parents face school parking fine

Badly parked parents face school parking fine

As parents across the country return to the school run after half-term, here’s a story that caught our eye: An army of volunteers is set to dole out fines for badly parked parents. Here at UKMums.TV, we wonder what you think of this!

As the Telegraph reports, volunteers of teachers and parents will put on uniforms and hand out tickets to fellow parent motorists in a scheme being trialling by Essex Council, all because the council doesn’t have the staff to tackle the issue.

How do you feel about the idea? Could this lead to mayhem at the school gates? The volunteers will undergo a week's training, similar to that of the council's full-time traffic enforcement officers, and then shadow a full-time officer for four weeks before being given a uniform and a ticket machine and sent out to patrol the roads around the school gates.

Councillor John Kent, Labour leader of Thurrock County Council in Essex, is quoted as saying: "Some of the parking is frankly dangerous around schools. We have to do something about it. Councils up and down the country are having their budgets from central government funding cut to the bone. We don't have the resources to employ an army of people to do this so we do need to work with the community and to bring forward volunteers."

The pilot is due to start at Tilbury Pioneer Academy next week, with one parent volunteer all set to dish out tickets. How would you feel about a scheme like this being rolled out to your child’s school, and the possibility of being fined by other parents and teachers? We’re keen to know whether you think schools should be allowed to issue parking tickets. Let us know your thoughts over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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