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Delicious flavour combos for Pull Pops

Delicious flavour combos for Pull Pops

ChillFactor has taken over so what better reason to share our favourite Pull Pops flavour combinations! Pull Pops are the easy new gadgets that let you and your kids make popsicles at home.

Simply pull up the liquid with the Pull Pop, remove the handle and then place in the freezer until frozen. With the Pull Pops Gift set you can also use the corer to add a tasty filling in the centre of the popsicle! What's great about Pull Pops is you can experiment with lots of different flavours. Here are just a few of our favourite recipe ideas!

Yoghurt, peach and apricot

Take a peach and apricot flavoured Muller corner, pull the yoghurt into the Pull Pop and freeze until frozen. Then core the frozen popsicle and fill the centre with the peach and apricot puree! Easy peasy!

Banana, chocolate and crushed nuts

Slice a banana into equal size chunks and fill and freeze the Pull Pop. When it's ready, dip the popsicle in chocolate spread and dip again into a bowl of crushed nuts!

Strawberry and mango

Cut a fresh mango into equal sized chunks (you can buy these already in chunks from most supermarkets). Using the pieces, create a frozen mango popsicle, then remove the centre of it with the special corer. Then all you need to do is fill the centre of the popsicle with strawberry sauce and there you have it!

Which flavour combo would your little ones enjoy? Let us know at @ukmumstv!

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