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Did Nicole snub her adopted kids at the Emmy awards?

Did Nicole snub her adopted kids at the Emmy awards?

Last night was the Emmy Awards and it was The Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies who were the big winners this year. The Handmaid’s Tale walked away as the winner of Outstanding Drama Series category along with a long list of other prestigious awards but it was one particular acceptance speech from Nicole Kidman that has got everyone talking.

The Australian actress won Best Actress for her part in Big Little Lies where she plays a victim of domestic abuse; she took the opportunity in her acceptance speech to thank voters for the light that she has been able to shine on the issue with the award before turning to thank her family.

During her acceptance speech she also dedicated her award to her two young children Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, and her aussie husband Keith. This may seem very sweet except it has views in uproar as they took to Twitter to call her out the actress forgetting to mention half of her children in her dedication speech!

Whilst she mentioned her youngest daughters with husband Keith she failed to mention her older adopted children Conor and Bellla whom she shares with ex-husband Tom Cruise. During her speech she made a fuss for her youngest two and said:

"I have two little girls - Sunnie and Faith. And my darling Keith who I asked to help me pursue this artistic path. And they have sacrificed so much for it.

So this is yours. I just want my two little girls to have this on their shelf and to look at it and go, 'Every time my mumma didn’t put me to bed it’s because of this — [at least] I got something!'"

What did you think of her dedication to her youngest two? By failing to mention her oldest two did you think it was a snub? Did you watch the Emmy Awards last night? Let us know your thoughts on the winners on Facebook and Twitter.

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