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Did rows over money end Mel B’s marriage?

Did rows over money end Mel B’s marriage?

The rumour mill’s been in over-drive since news first broke that Mel B’s split from her husband Stephen Bellafone after 10 years of marriage.

It’s believed her father Martin’s recent death following a five-year cancer battle sparked the decision as it was no secret her family didn’t like Stephen. She fell out with them when they raised concerns about ¬Belafonte ahead of their 2007 wedding. And now the rift has healed it’s thought she decided it was time to end the relationship with her film producer husband.
It’s being reported that blazing rows over Mel B’s £40 million fortune were to blame. The relationship’s been turbulent for Mel, formerly known as Scary Spice, and news of the split came as no surprise to those closest to the couple as it’s said they spent most of their time arguing and accusing eachother of affairs and flirting.

Matters came to a head three years ago when she turned up for the X Factor panel one in the UK with bruises and scratches on her face and arms. Belafonte, 41, denied assaulting her. An insider source, who says Melanie Brown has had enough of the chaos and wanted to put her kids first, is quoted by the Mirror [LINK-] as saying: “Ever since they got married, they have been plagued with problems. The writing has been on the wall for a while. Money was at the centre of many rows but Martin’s passing provided a moment of complete clarity for Mel.

“For the first time in a decade, she decided to put blood before water. Stephen was always coming up with business ideas which caused huge ¬arguments. It is no secret her family didn’t like him and now she has reconnected with them, Mel is sorting out her life.”

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