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Do you own a new £5 note yet?

Do you own a new £5 note yet?

Have you seen one yet? Perhaps you have one stashed away in your purse or wallet waiting to be spent! The new £5 note was released last week and a huge fuss is being made about them as they’re waterproof! The old paper note will cease to be legal tender in May 2017.

What will you do with your first one? Frame it, spend it, swim with it? An online campaign is urging everyone to donate their first new fiver to charity. As the Metro reports, the charitable initiative was first thought up by John Thompson who tweeted out a poll last week asking whether people would be willing to donate theirs. The idea quickly went viral with social media users pledging to share their choice of organisation using the hashtag #FirstFiver.

As the scheme isn’t linked to a particular charity, people are promising to give their new £5 note to a range of good causes, from Cats Protection and Mencap to Women’s Aid and the RSPB. The story has got the team at UKMums.TV thinking about what we’d do with our waterproof notes when we get one.

Do you have a new £5 note already? Head to our Facebook and Twitter pages and let us know  what you plan to do with yours and whether you'll be giving it to charity.

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