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How to get your kids to eat more veggies…

How to get your kids to eat more veggies…

We all know how difficult it can be to get kids to eat enough veggies! It can be a battle most days to get your kids to eat the recommended portion of fruit and veg a day.

Whether you try to sneak greens into their meals without them noticing or simply say they can’t leave the table until they have finished it – it’s always stressful!

But a new Australian study have just discovered the ultimate hack for making children eat their greens; as it reports that kids will eat their veg with no fuss as long as they are presented as a whole vegetable.  Researchers tested their theory on 72 primary-school aged kids; each child was given a box of peeled carrots one day, and diced carrots on the next. Their only instructions were to eat as much of the veg as they liked.

The results found that they actually ate more food when it was whole! These results surprised the UKMums team, we always thought it was better to cut up food and veggies into small manageable pieces for our littles ones but apparently we’ve been doing it wrong the whole time! Yes, it’s another study telling us to change our parenting habits!

You may already have the perfect hack for your kids but if you feel like you need some new ideas then this could do the trick for you!

Apparently this theory works for adults too; for example if you cut up a piece of chocolate into smaller pieces then you will likely consume less, result! We’re not sure what results were more pleased about, the one about veggies or the one about chocolate!

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