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Does an extra hour of TV a day cost two grades at GCSE?

Does an extra hour of TV a day cost two grades at GCSE?

New research suggests that an extra hour a day of anything television related be it the latest film or blockbuster video game can reduce 14-16 year olds GCSE results by two grades.

This study was carried out by the University of Cambridge who studied 845 14-16 year olds in Britain.

Dr Kirsten Corder from the University said "Television, computer games and internet use were all harmful to academic performance, but TV viewing was the most detrimental.

"We can cautiously infer that increased screen time may lead to poorer academic performance for GCSEs.

"I certainly wouldn't recommend banning television. But if teenagers or parents are concerned about GCSE results, one thing might be to look at the amount of TV viewing that they're doing and maybe just try to be sensible about it."

These findings came to light during research that was looking into different factors affecting the mental state of teens along with their academic achievement and well-being.

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