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Does Becks deserve a knighthood?

Does Becks deserve a knighthood?

Have you heard the latest about David Beckham, everyone’s favourite ex-professional footballer (until now maybe)? His emails have been hacked and leaked, with some very interesting revelations to boot!

According to reports, the star vented his intense disappointment about being snubbed for a knighthood in an expletive-laden rant via email to his PR agent, and he even made Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins the target of his frustrations, branding her OBE a ‘f******’ joke and referring to a past admission she had taken drugs.

Add emails which reportedly saw Beckham react badly to a suggested donation to Unicef, of which he is a goodwill ambassador, to the mix and it seems the former England captain’s wholesome family guy image is in shreds. In a further twist, it’s also emerged that Becks was on the verge of becoming Sir David in the 2014 New Year’s Honours list, but as the MailOnline reports, his alleged involvement in a tax avoidance scheme scuppered his hopes. Oh dear!

A source close to the star has told The Mail David’s rant was ‘written in the heat of the moment’ and David is just like any normal person and he was extremely disappointed that he wasn’t deemed worthy of becoming a Sir’. But do you believe Becks deserves a knighthood after all this? Let us know. Tell us your thoughts over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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