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Does private tutoring cause an educational divide?

Does private tutoring cause an educational divide?

Researchers from Newcastle University suggest 5% of seven year olds in the UK receive extra tuition, usually in the form of a private tutor at home. However only 3% of white children help make up this overall percentage. By this age 20% of Indian children have extra tuition.

The report also suggests that by age 11, 22% of children receive help from private tutors. But the ethnic differences carried on. By this age only 20% of white children are tutored compared to the 42% of Indian children or 48% of Chinese or other minority ethnics.

Prof Liz Todd, of Newcastle University, said: "Does this mean some parents are lacking confidence in what goes on during school hours or are they just more likely to see tuition as a worthwhile route to help their children succeed?"

The next step should be to look at gains in pupil attainment across groups "and ask to what extent these are due to changes in teaching, school reforms or the provision of tuition at home", she said. wants to know what you think. Is seven too young for extra tuition? Do people have too much faith in school teaching? Let us know in the comments box below or via social media.

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