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Doting dad Ronaldo gushes over his new-born twins!

Doting dad Ronaldo gushes over his new-born twins!

He may be used to scoring a hat trick on the field but now it seems like he’s done it in his personal life too! Football star Cristiano Ronaldo is the proud father of new-born twins and he couldn’t be happier!

The footballer posted a heart-warming photograph of his new-born twins on Thursday and wrote: 'So happy to be able to hold the two new loves of my life.' It’s so lovely to see dad’s gush over their babies on social media especially when the public know him for being athletic and strong it’s nice to know he has a softer side when it comes to his children!

The football superstar has scored a whopping 285 league goals in 241 games for Real Madrid and due to his football commitments was unable to meet his son and daughter when they were born. He finally held them for the first time yesterday and the bookies are taking bets on whether these new-borns will become football stars just like their father, it’s a long shot but anything is possible!

The twins will now join the 32-year-old’s seven-year-old son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr – whose mother’s identity is not known – and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, who is thought to be five months’ pregnant! Ronaldo is on track for a big family!

We would like to wish Cristiano and his family huge congratulations on their additions to the family!

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