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Dragons’ Den star on year-long world trip with family

Dragons’ Den star on year-long world trip with family

Here’s an issue that got us thinking: Would you take your kids out of school to travel the world for a year? That’s just what Dragons’ Den star Sarah Willingham has done!

The 42-year-old has embarked on a gap year with husband Michael and children Minnie, ten, Monti, eight, Nelly, five, and Marly, four, because she struggled to fit time in with family while building her hugely successful career in the restaurant business. As the Mail reports, their trip started in Canada and they plan to travel through the U.S, South America, Australia and the Far East.

Of her motivation, Sarah’s quoted as saying: “I loved my life but it’s all a balancing act. So many people have said to me ‘Enjoy your kids when they are this age.’ I can’t even remember that stage — and I didn’t want it all to go ‘whoosh’.” Sarah’s come in for criticism from people online who said she’s being selfish. But she’s among a growing number of parents who’ve made the dramatic decision to pack up their bags for gap years with their kids.

Is this something you’d consider doing? Do you believe kids can learn just as much if not more out on the road than they would in class, or that it could harm their education? Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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