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Dramatic reunion for First Dates couple

Dramatic reunion for First Dates couple

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Here’s a story that’s bound to make you feel all mushy inside. Imagine going on a blind date and finding out it was with someone you’d already been on a date with …. TWO DECADES before!

For those who missed last night’s First Dates, that’s what happened for Vince and Anna who’d been paired up for the Channel 4 dating show. And the penny hadn’t dropped until they were most of the way through their three-course meal! How about that for a coincidence?!

As the Metro reports, the realisation came after they’d been talking about where they grew up. Then Vincent twigged and declared: “We’ve been on a date! We’ve actually been on a date.” Anna added: “You’ve actually been to my house when we were younger.”

It turned out she was 17, he was 20 and they went on a date and shared a cheeky kiss. It’s unclear whether Cupid’s arrow has been successful this time, though Vince did say: “I fancied her years ago and still do now.” How sweet is that?! We hope Anna and Vince go out again and it works out for them this time. As restaurant manager Fred Sirieix said during the show: “Second chances at love are rare and special. Maybe you weren’t ready when you were younger but be patient, your time will come.”

This story got the UKMums.TV team thinking about shock reunions. How would you react if unexpectedly brought together with someone you’d dated long ago? Declare your undying love or run for the hills? Share your reunion tales, romantic or otherwise, with us over on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We’d love to hear them!

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