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EasyJet pay out after kicking Jo Wood off a flight

EasyJet pay out after kicking Jo Wood off a flight

Jo Wood has been awarded compensation after she was kicked off an overbooked EasyJet flight and left stranded in Spain. Ex-wife of Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood, was visiting her home in Murcia with her boyfriend when they were refused seats on a flight they had already purchased tickets for.

Following a Twitter rant about the budget airline, EasyJet have now given a full refund of Wood’s additional Ryanair flights. Along with £167 for her original flights and £120 for a taxi home from Gatwick to her north London, making the total £747.

Speaking to the Daily Mail she said “They must have thought, “She won’t complain, she looks very sweet, she hasn’t got any luggage so we don’t have to drag her luggage off the flight, that’s fine, we’ll pick on that girl, Jo.” Little did they know.”

Airlines have come under scrutiny recently after video footage of Dr David Dao being dragged from a United Airlines flight outraged the world. Along with Jo Wood he had also been randomly selected to leave the aircraft after the company overbooked their passengers. It is coming to light that airlines overbooking flights is becoming common practice and more and more travellers are missing out on trips due to overbooked flights.

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