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England Knocked Out of Euro 2016

England Knocked Out of Euro 2016

If you missed the match last night, you’ve probably woken up to a series of running commentaries. And yes, unfortunately it’s true! England lost against Iceland, a nation with a population of just 332,000, equivalent to Leicester's, in what’s been described as the most humiliating defeat in English footballing history.

Further to that, England Manager Roy Hodgson resigned after four years in charge minutes after the game, telling a press conference he was “sorry, but these things happen”. The big question now is: who’s going to replace him? England fans have been left bitterly disappointed.

As the BBC reports, BBC Match of the Day pundit and former England striker Alan Shearer said: "That was the worst performance I've ever seen from an England team. Ever. We were out-fought, out-thought, out-battled and totally hopeless for 90 minutes. It looked to me like Roy was making it up as he was going along." He also added: “Our players caved tonight. They caved and the manager caved."

For now the UKMums.TV team is backing the only UK side left in the Cup. Come on Wales, don’t let us down! Did you watch the match last night? Tell us your thoughts over on our Facebook and Twitter. Who are you supporting?

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