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Expert Advice – Why Creative play is still important to your child’s development

Expert Advice – Why Creative play is still important to your child’s development

In today’s world many people believe children are growing up too young, which is a major reason why there is still a huge place for creative play in a child’s development. Creative play can help develop a range of key skills including motor skills, cognitive skills and emotional skills that many modern day products such as apps and smart devices do not.

Motor Skills

Motor skills are skills that involve movement that must be learnt in order to perform specific tasks or reach a goal. These skills are prominent in craft activities when your child has to manipulate different materials with actions such as placing, threading and moulding. By providing your child with increasingly intricate craft sets you can be sure to enhance this part of their development.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are developed when planning a creative project. This can be important for your children as they can learn to plan ahead and become organised. Creative play improves this skill without them even knowing it as they start with a blank canvas and work towards their end goal.

Emotional Skills

Emotional skills are enhanced through sharing work with one another. Children learn to value their own work and be proud of what they have accomplished. It also allows them to critique others in a helpful and supportive manner. Teaching children the right way to engage with each other and help others improve using the right tone can be very useful in later life. Each time you give your child a creative activity you can be sure they will want to show it off. This allows them to feel proud of what they have done.

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