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Expert Opinion: The importance of storytelling

Expert Opinion: The importance of storytelling

The new Princess & Sir George toys from Character Options really appeal to children’s love of storytelling. With familiar characters, theming, accessories and more, the range has everything a child needs for creating their very own Princess Peppa and Sir George stories.

Inspired by the new Princess Peppa Storytime Figure Pack, we’ve been looking at the importance of storytelling and how stories can help your child’s development. The pack includes four articulated figures with royal theming and a ‘Once upon a time’ book to spark children’s imaginations!

Here are just a few of the ways that magical and imaginative stories benefit your child:

Introduces them to the magic of reading

Nurturing a love for storytelling and creating imaginative scenarios with your little ones will help, when they start making up their own stories. If they love storytelling through play, this can be reinforced at bedtime with story reading to build a love of book and strong imagination!

Attention span

Although children naturally love story time, sitting through a story can be a struggle for restless pre-schoolers! Storytelling through play can engage your pre-schoolers and helps develop their imagination and concentration in a fun way.

Vocabulary skills

Telling children a story is a guaranteed way to boost their vocabulary. Just think of all the additional words they can learn from new stories! Learning new words in the context of storytelling and play will also help them to understand how to use words in day-to-day life.

Understanding emotion

Storylines can teach children many things about life and how people are emotionally affected by life events. In turn, if they are experiencing new emotions themselves, such as jealousy or sadness, then they can relate to and find comfort from identifying with their favourite characters! You may also find that children express their own emotions through stories which they make up.

As you can see, there are many wonderful things about storytelling and we believe that the Princess Peppa Storytime Figure Pack is a perfect toy for encouraging these benefits! What kind of stories do your children enjoy?

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