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Extent of parents’ social media sharing revealed

Extent of parents’ social media sharing revealed

How often do you share photos of your child on social media? It seems parents fall into one of two camps when it comes to the subject, those who regularly hit sites like Facebook or Twitter to post snaps of their son or daughter, or those who share hardly anything of their brood.

Here at UKMums.TV, we’re thinking about the issue as a BBC article poses the question ‘Should children ban their parents from social media?’ According to a survey, the average parent has posted an astounding 1,489 photos of their child (yes, you read that right) on social media all by the time they just five years old! Wow! And as a generation of social media babies grow into childhood, they face the consequences of their parents’ actions.

Many youths will of course will be delighted to see their early life documented on the World Wide Web. However, there will be the ones embarrassed by the images and even those, as the BBC reports, who were pleased to be on social media as children but are less sure about it now they are older. Dana Hurley, 20, from east London, is quoted as saying that as an 11-year-old she was happy for her parents to post photos of her on Facebook. "At the time it was exciting… I liked attention. Now it's kind of weird because you look back and think, this was for everyone to see," she said.

Where do you stand on this debate? Are you cautious about what you post about your child online or do you like to share as much as possible with your social media followers over the internet? We’d like to hear your views on this. Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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