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Father faces prosecution after confronting kids bullies

Father faces prosecution after confronting kids bullies

This story of a dad confronting his children’s bullies has caught UKMums.TV's attention. He's been warned he faces prosecution.

Christopher Cooper says he acted out of frustration after the failure of the police and his children’s school to take action in a satisfactory manner as his children suffered abuse at the hands of their bullies.

He said his son Braiden, nine, was left with a broken arm and his daughter Millie, 11, was repeatedly tormented for over a year, including a time when his son was held in a crucifix position so another child could repeatedly punch him in the stomach. Christopher also says daughter Millie has been kicked, punched, verbally abused, and even had drinks poured over her at a school party.

The Mirror reports how Christopher posted on Facebook: "Within a couple of weeks their education and childhoods were turned upside down by the school bully.” He went on to add: "From them until now almost a year later, both have been subject to repeated verbal and physical assaults, certainly on a weekly if not almost daily basis."

Christopher says he contacted police and the school, but claims neither have tackled the issue in a satisfactory manner. Statements from the school and police reported in the Metro say the school fully accept that there have been a number of incidents involving Mr Cooper’s children but does not recognise or accept the description of the school’s actions. A police spokesman said there had been “a verbal altercation between an adult and a child, where threats were made” and a man had been reported to court.

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