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Fearne Cotton admits to social media ‘fantasy’

Fearne Cotton admits to social media ‘fantasy’

Here at UKMums.TV, we’re wondering: Is it time people were more honest about their lives on social media? Facebook and Instagram accounts are filled with messages and images of happy times but hardly ever of the bad, even though everyone suffers lows from time to time.

We’re asking this question as ex-BBC Radio presenter Fearne Cotton has admitted to the Woman’s Hour radio show that her Instagram life is actually a “fantasy” and she would never break the “happy lie” of social media by posting images of herself ‘crying’ during episodes of depression.

As the MailOnline reports, Woman's Hour presenter Jane Garvey put it to the star, who’s opened up about her mental health struggles in a book called Happy and revealed she’s taken anti-depressants for a time in the past, that there was a “huge contrast” between the images Cotton puts on social media and how she's actually feeling.

She also suggested that Fearne might be doing “both herself and other young people a disservice”. Many others, however, including sufferers of depression, have leapt to the mum-of-two’s defence, saying no-one suffering mental health problems would tell-all on social media and Fearne shouldn’t be criticised for posting only about the lighter aspects of their life.

What do you think? Do you believe social media users, especially those in the public eye, should be more honest by posting about the times they’re feeling low more as well as the highs? Or perhaps you believe that, in Fearne’s words, we should never break the ‘happy lie’ of social media? Let us know what you think over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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