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Find out all about the new Teletubbies episodes!

Find out all about the new Teletubbies episodes!

As part of the Teletubby toy takeover, we have a handy round up of what the Teletubbies get up to in the new TV series! Whether your little ones are Teletubbies obsessed or they are new to the show, here's what to expect from series two.

The Hidey Hup

The Teletubbies discover a new and exciting area of Teletubbyland where they go for fun-filled adventures. The secret, leafy Hidey Hup has lots of fun play rides like the Tubby Spinny, Tubby Uppy Downy, Tubby Bouncy and Tubby Slidey!

Tubby Car

To get to the Hidey Hup, the Teletubbies use their new Tubby Car! With four steering wheels for each Teletubby, the Car magically takes them on trips around Teletubbyland. To start the Car they have to honk the horns altogether twice and Car revs into action!

Green Tubby Custard and a new Tiddlytubbies song!

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po; pick some delicious green beans which Noo-noo puts into the Tubby Custard Machine. Can you guess what happens next?

Little ones can also look forward to a fun new sing along song from the adorable Tiddlytubbies! The Tiddlytubbies first made an appearance last year and they are winning over tots and parents alike with their cuddly cuteness! Later in the year little ones can look forward to a brand new range of Tiddlytubby toys to play with at home – all from Character Options. 

You can catch up with the new Teletubbies series on the CBeebies iPlayer

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