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Find out more about the Mini Dinosaurs with Puzzles!

Find out more about the Mini Dinosaurs with Puzzles!

Schleich are renowned for their intricate figures and accessories, but now they offer even more play value with the Mini Dinosaurs with Puzzles sets!

There are few better ways of widening a child's horizons and helping them begin to explore the world than the range of Schleich models, but these mini dinos complete with jigsaw puzzle help them develop their understanding of these prehistoric creatures and their habitats even further.

Each of the sets features four different mini dinosaurs, with each of the puzzles showing a different theme. There is a lava field, water hole, marshland and discovery puzzle. Children can collect all four and build a set of mini dinosaurs and puzzles that they can mix and match! The sets retail at £11.99 which is great value for money – we really love these here at!

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