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Former ‘Allo ‘Allo actress Vicki Michele claims she was assaulted

Former ‘Allo ‘Allo actress Vicki Michele claims she was assaulted

During Tuesday night’s Celebrity Big Brother Bit On The Side Episode a fight broke out between a celebrity panel. It was alleged that former CBB housemate and Teen Mom star Farah Abrahams threw a champagne glass into the head of former ‘Allo ‘Allo star Vicki Michele.

Vicki was treated by on scene paramedics and later came out to say to the Daily Mirror 'I’m in complete and utter shock, she could have blinded me. 'If I had been looking the other way I could have got it full in the face, she could have blinded me. It was awful. 'She whacked the glass hard like a discus. It was the base of the glass and it shattered in my hair.'

After seeking medical attention on the Tuesday night Vikki Michele took to Twitter to re assure her fans of her safety 'Been checked over...going home now. Bloody hurt! But thank you for worrying, I'm ok...I think.'

It has also been reported Farah Abrahams may press charges as she claims during the incident she was assaulted twice. Her spokesperson said: 'We can confirm that Farrah was assaulted twice last night during BBBOTS and was seen by a medic, having suffered injuries as a result of one of the assaults. ‘The matter has now been passed on to Farrah’s lawyer to handle.'

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