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Free school meals over the summer holiday for hungry children.

Free school meals over the summer holiday for hungry children.

It appears as though child hunger is not a thing of the past, as a council in Scotland is serving thousands of free school dinners to primary school children over the summer holidays.  North Ayshire Council are prepared to serve free nutritious meals to help support parents who are struggling to feed their children over the summer break.

Although the scheme began two years ago, it is becoming more and more popular and an essential part of the day to day welfare for families. For those not entitled to free school meals they can still go along to their local primary school and pay £2.00 for a hot dinner.
The reported numbers for the free holiday meals is around 1,200 a week. The council pays the costs for this itself. Now other councils such as Renfrewshire are rolling out similar schemes to help families over the holidays.

Children in Scotland chief executive Jackie Brock has said “Poorer families will find feeding their children, and finding childcare and holiday activities, very difficult and stressful. We must do more to support them.

Alongside a coordinated and strategic response to poverty and hunger, we need to look to sustainably funded projects at a local authority or community level that can offer meals out with term-time."

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