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Frozen Milkshake Maker

Frozen Milkshake Maker

Summer wouldn’t be complete without delicious chilled snacks and drinks! Kids absolutely love milkshakes so we’ve partnered up with ChillFactor to introduce the new Frozen Milkshake Maker.

Frozen Milkshake Maker RRP £9.99

ChillFactor’s new Frozen Milkshake Maker is a fun and easy way to create tasty, frozen milkshakes. To get started, all you have to do is put the inner cup into the freezer and then once frozen, all children have to do is pour their favourite flavoured milk into the maker, spin the handle and let the rapid freeze technology work its magic!

As soon as the frozen milkshake is ready, it can be sipped and enjoyed directly from the cup which makes it a great product for picnics in the park or sunny days out to the seaside. verdict: We really recommend the Frozen Milkshake Maker because it is so quick and easy to use! A big advantage for us is that, once it’s made, the milkshake can be drank directly from the cup, meaning less mess and more fun!

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