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GCSE results day!

GCSE results day!

We can almost feel the stress radiating from teenagers up and down the country this morning, and for one good reason – its results day!

We all remember our own GCSE results day, for many it’s a day that determines the next steps into adult life. Students depend on good grades for whether they can go to 6th form to start their A-level study or whether they can get into their chosen college course.

There’s always a lot of anticipation around results day and this year even more so as there have been a lot of changes to the GCSE format. For year’s politicians have been calling for tougher exams and moaning about GCSE’s being much easier than when they were in school! Finally they have done something about it and flipped the GCSE format on its head!

For as long as anyone remembers, exams have been marked in As, Bs and Cs - but from this year, some GCSE papers in England are being graded numerically on a scale from 9 to 1 – very strange we know!

Contrary to what you might think 1 is not the highest, there are now three numbers, 9, 8, 7 to correspond to the top A* and A grades. The new numerical grading system is designed to differentiate those pupils at the top end of the results. This doesn’t bode well for lower grades as now a B grade will now only be a 5, so we are concerned that this may make kids feel like they are a failure.

We’re not sure whether these changes are just changes for the sake of being changes or whether they will actually have a positive impact on the future of GCSE’s, we guess only time will tell!

What do you think about the new GCSE format? Are your kids are picking up their GCSE results today? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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