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Government pledges to help Jams

Government pledges to help Jams

Are you a Jam? It’s the buzz phrase at the moment, and we’re not talking about the fruit preserves variety (strawberry, blackcurrant etc)! It’s the new term being used to describe people who are ‘just about managing’, a group the Government says it’s seeking to help.

We’re sure many mums and dads will identify with the acronym. Perhaps you’re one of those struggling to make ends meet, even with an average full-time income coming into the household, perhaps with a part-time wage as well  – if at all! If you’re a Jam family you’re not alone, though. Here at UKMums.TV we’ve been reading the stories of Jam parents with interest and many who fall into the category will surprise you!

For example, the BBC has featured a range of families of varying backgrounds with one common thread, they’re are all finding it tough covering the mortgage or rent (or getting a house in the first place) and paying the bills, all while juggling childcare responsibilities! There are about six million households in this situation, according to the Resolution Foundation.

Prime Minister Theresa May has already pledged to address Jam families directly and in his Autumn Statement, Chancellor Philip Hammond is expected to announce measures to boost incomes and increase housebuilding. Are you pleased to hear this news? Let us know what you think of the Government’s plans to help over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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