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Greetings card shops carry PG warning

Greetings card shops carry PG warning

As parents we’re used to seeing the Parental Guidance warning symbol on everything from films and DVDs to music and computer games. Now it seems the black and white PG sign has made it onto the front of greetings cards shops, too, to warn mums and dads some cards can be deemed offensive!

We spotted this story on the BBC website and wonder what you think of this, what with Mother’s Day on March 26th. Don’t forget! Apparently, card stores have started putting the sign up in their shops to let parents know, if they didn’t already, and here at UKMums.TV we’re asking the question: Do you think this is really necessary? The BBC report says the self-confessed "edgy" card retailer Scribbler has 35 stores across the UK and all display a "PG" sticker in their windows along with the words “please be aware that some of our cards and gifts are of an adult nature”.

The fashion and lifestyle chain Joy, based mainly in the south-east of England, also carries PG signs. Both also place greetings cards featuring swear words and content that could be deemed offensive above the eye levels of children. It’s also something stationery retailer Paperchase has been practising.

Perhaps you think there are too many rude around cards these days. Earlier this year, Paperchase took the decision to remove some of its more risqué cards for Valentine’s Day after shoppers complained. Is the PG symbol a step too far, though, or do you believe it’s important to warn parents with children of the types of cards they might find? Have you spotted any PG signs in card shops you’ve been into recently? Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter pages

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