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Harmful bacteria found in high street coffee shops

Harmful bacteria found in high street coffee shops

Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Caffé Nero, which do you take your kids to for a treat after school? During the winter months if they have done well in school they will get treated to a hot chocolate with extra marshmallow and whipped cream, and in the summer months they will probably reach for an iced drink, maybe a Frappuccino or a milkshake? But are these drinks safe?

Lab tests carried out by BBC One's consumer series Watchdog found that faecal bacteria was found in ice samples at Costa, Cafe Nero and Starbucks! Faecal coliforms, which contain disease-causing pathogens, were present on 7/10 ice samples in Costa, 3/10 in Caffe Nero and 3/10 in Starbucks, the BBC said.

Can we trust these high street chains anymore if the iced drinks we buy from there contain faecal bacteria! These three well-known chains are seen up and down the high street across the country and are expected to be safe!

Currently all three chains say they are launching own investigation into how this occurred and are reviewing their food safety procedures – which is the very least we would expect!

The first episode of the new Watchdog programme will air on BBC One on tonight at 8pm. Will you be watching? And will you be visiting these chains with your family any time soon? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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