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‘He’s going to have no idea what’s hit him’

‘He’s going to have no idea what’s hit him’

Hasn’t he grown up?! It doesn’t seem so long ago that Prince George was born, the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Now talk’s begun of getting him ready for school in September! Wow. Haven’t the years flown by so fast?!

Prince George’s mum, the Duchess of Cambridge, has reportedly told guests at the 2017 National Portrait Gala in London that ‘Prince George is going to have no idea what’s hit him’ on his first day at school, a feeling many parents will sympathise with. After all, the big first school day is a major milestone in any child’s life. No wonder the royals are feeling slightly apprehensive over how young George will react.

Like many other little boys and girls around the UK, Prince George will be four when he starts but his first day at school is likely to be very different to the ones most kids experience; he’ll be attending Thomas’s Battersea School in London for a start. It’s a private co-educational school where it costs an eye-watering £6,100 per term! Plus, it counts some serious A-listers among its alumni, including Florence Welch, lead singer of idie group Florence and the Machine, and model Cara Delevigne.

The subject of prince’s school came up while the duchess was chatting to guests at the event in London’s Portrait Gallery this week. The Mirror reports that she met parents from the school as she toured the gallery and told them she may see them there in future before adding: "I'm not sure George has any idea what's going to hit him."

What memories do you have of your child’s first day at school, and do you have any words of advice for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they prepare for Prince George the big occasion. Feel free to share your thoughts over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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