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Health benefits of using drinking straws, straight from the dentists’ mouth

Health benefits of using drinking straws, straight from the dentists’ mouth

It’s something we often take for granted, for example why do we use a straw in a restaurant but not at home?
Some of the world’s leading dentists have spoken about the incredible health benefits we can achieve by simply drinking through a straw!

Stain protection

When sipping from a cup we often allow the beverage to remain in our mouth for a while, this exposure to our teeth from dark coloured drinks can cause unsightly stains. Using a drinking straw dramatically reduces long term exposure and can keep your teeth pearly white!

Reduced tooth decay

Whilst using a straw will still create some contact with your teeth, it is significantly reduced. Using a straw stops fizzy drinks from sticking to your teeth reducing your chances of painful cavities.  In children this can have a lasting impact on their adult teeth and is definitely worth avoiding.


We all like to think of ourselves as super mum there are things that are out of our control, germs!  No matter how hard we try our little ones Sippy cup is bound to pick up dirt and germs.  Using a straw ensures only their drink is consumed and not any nasty bugs that could make them sick.

Protect against sensitivity

It doesn’t matter how good your oral hygiene is, the fact remains some people still suffer from sensitivity.  Using a straw reduces the opportunities for sugary and acidic drinks to attack your enamel.  A straw also helps eliminate the sensitivity caused by a cold drink directly touching your teeth, leaving you to enjoy your beverage pain free.


By reducing your intake of liquid through a straw you are less likely to choke, a great benefit for young children who haven’t quite learnt the art of drinking yet. Drinking through a straw also means you’re less likely to burn yourself on a hot drink.

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