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“Healthy Foods” That Are Bad For You!

“Healthy Foods” That Are Bad For You!

Navigating the supermarket aisles can be tricky enough with toddlers in tow, but it’s about to get much harder with the latest list of foods you and your family should be avoiding.

Going against previous recommendations, this week we’ve been told that foods we thought were good for us should actually be taken out of our daily diets. So if you’re a fan of fruit juice, skimmed milk or red meat, we’ve got bad news for you…

Children’s Fruit Juices
Dentists have warned that high levels of acid and sugar in fruit juices and smoothies can damage children’s tooth enamel, seriously damaging their teeth. A shock for mums giving children fruit juices as part of their five-a-day, apparently when juice is pulped and blended fruit releases much more natural juice which can be harmful.
Swap with: Use as a cordial and dilute with water so they can still get some goodness  - or eat the fruit whole!

Red Meat
It’s part of the traditional British diet, but apparently red meat can be seriously harmful if eaten regularly and can increase our risks of developing diseases like cancer! New research has today revealed that after studying 100,000 people across 28 years, red meat was responsible for one in ten early deaths. Also bad news for bacon-lovers as even small amounts of processed foods could increase a risk of death from cancer or heart disease.
Swap with: Take red meat off your daily menu and replace with fish, poultry and pulses. Also, make hot dogs, pork-pies and a fry-up a one-off treat – as even organic, 90% pork sausages can be bad for you!

Skimmed Milk
We usually think of skimmed milk as being a healthy alternative to full-fat whole milk, but actually whole full-fat milk could actually be healthier as it contains more vitamins that dissolve in the fat, like A, D, E and K.

It might be the go-to food for the health-conscious, but even though we think it looks rather healthy it can actually be pretty bad for us. Sure, it’s a better alternative to some sugary cereals in the supermarket, but often it can be packed with sugar and calories so make sure you read the packet!
Do you have any supposed health foods that aren’t really good for you? Share them below!

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