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Healthy teen dies after drinking too much caffeine

Healthy teen dies after drinking too much caffeine

How often do your kid’s have energy drinks? Is it just for a treat or on a daily basis? Energy drinks can be dangerous and it’s about time our kids knew about the dangers too.

Only recently a student in the US collapsed and died at a high school after drinking three caffeine ridden drinks in quick succession. The coroner said that Davis Allen Cripe, 16, drank a McDonalds latte, a large Mountain Dew soft drink and an energy drink in just under two hours!

The coroner, Gary Watts, says that 16-year-old died after an excessive caffeine intake led to a cardiac event.The final drink is believed to have caused the cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat) which led to his death an hour later.

"This was not an overdose. We lost Davis from a totally legal substance, " Watts said. "Our purpose here today is to let people know, especially our young kids in school, that these drinks can be dangerous, and be very careful with how you use them, and how many you drink on a daily basis."

The American Academy of Paediatrics has warned against children and teenagers drinking energy drinks. They say that most energy drinks contain a caffeine equivalent of three cups of coffee and as much as 14 teaspoons of sugar!

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