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Hollywood star to become EastEnders’ new villain!

Hollywood star to become EastEnders’ new villain!

If you love your soaps then we’ve got some great news for you! Hollywood star Patrick Bergin will be the next star to hit the Albert Square!

There’s no doubt that EastEnders is an iconic show and now it has an iconic actor to match! As Brits, watching soaps at the end of the day is something that most families love to do! The soaps are filled with drama, and now with the countdown to Christmas on, we are sure to see things heating up on the Square!

The new star hitting the East End first rose to fame for his role in the film Sleeping With The Enemy in which he played Julia Robert’s abusive and manipulative husband. We all know that he can play a villain very well, so we can’t wait to see him shake up the Square.
Patrick will play Aidan Joseph Patrick Maguire – an old friend of Phil Mitchell’s from prison and an “old-school” style villain. We can already sense the trouble that the pair will get up to!

Writers of the soap have warned that Patrick Bergin’s EastEnders character will be part of the annual explosive plot that runs from Christmas to New Year, cue the EastEnders themes tune – we wonder what drama will follow!

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