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Home alone in the school holidays

Home alone in the school holidays

Young children are at risk of harm as many are left home alone during the school summer holidays. A report by ITV found that 35% of cases reported to the NSPCC of children being left unsupervised at home involved children aged one to five. The charity said that leaving children this young at home alone “could result in serious consequences”, and parents are being urged to think before they go out and ensure that young children are not left by themselves.

It can be hard for parents to be with their children all day during the school holidays, with many parents working all day and leaving the kids at home. However, despite there being no legal age at which a child can be left home alone, no child should be left on their own if they are at risk of any harm.

Leaving children in the care of a family member or a babysitter if you are unable to be with them during the day is a good way of ensuring that they stay safe and well in the summer holidays.

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