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How about this for an inventive Advent Calendar?!

How about this for an inventive Advent Calendar?!

We’re looking forward to Christmas here at UKMums.TV and nothing builds the excitement to December 25th than an Advent calendar, usually filled with tasty chocs to see you through to Christmas day. So we were interested to read about this! (Hard and fast chocoholics might want to look away now!)

Creative Alex Donoyou has treated his girlfriend Heather Loyd, from Wimbledon, to a memorable Advent calendar – 25 bags of her favourite fried snacks for the perfect ‘Crisp-mas’ countdown! As the Metro reports, the pair have been together for six years and Alex ‘just wanted to do something different rather than subject his girlfriend to those boring old chocolate offerings for yet another year’.

Beyond salt and vinegar, cheese and onion and ready salted etc would you have been hard pressed to find 25 flavour varieties? It must have taken Alex a great deal of hunting and dedication to find 25! We also adore the fact that he went so far as to hide each packet in festive red and white striped bags so the flavour would always be a surprise, and it doubles up as a seasonal wall decoration!

This story got us thinking about creative alternatives to festive traditions. Perhaps you’ve opted for a tree with a difference this year! Are you doing things slightly differently for Christmas 2016? Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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