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How do you pronounce scone?

How do you pronounce scone?

How do you pronounce scone? Scone as in ‘bone’ or scone as in ‘gone’? It’s a question that divides opinion and caused many a heated debate across the dinner (or is that tea?) table. Now a new study claims to have found the definitive answer! Question is, have you been saying it wrong or right all along according to this new study?

The YouGov study, reported by the Metro has found that the scone like gone pronunciation is the most popular (but only just) with 51% of the population, while the bone pronunciation is favoured by four in 10 people. So it’s a very close run thing.

Apparently, how you say scone all depends on where you live and your background. According to the study, you’re more likely to favour the gone pronunciation if you’re from the north (60%) or Scotland (80%), and Midlanders (56%) are more likely to go for ‘bone’. Londoners are split down the middle! The study also found people from a middle class background are more likely to use ‘gone’, whereas those from a working class background are more evenly split.

How do you pronounce scone? Do you fall into the ‘scone as in bone’ or ‘scone as in gone’ pronunciation category? We’d love to know what you think. Tell us over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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