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How do you spend £1 these days?

How do you spend £1 these days?

What can you spend a pound on these days? We’re asking the question here at UKMums.TV because a new-look pound coin has gone in to circulation, with 12 sides! How will you spend your new £1 coin?

A quick straw poll around the office and the following suggestions popped up: A pack of Plasticine, a Mars bar, small loaf of bread, pick-and-mix, a carton of milk, and a crusty roll. £1 really doesn’t seem to go far these days, does it?

Today is a momentous day if you’re a coin enthusiast as this new coin goes in to circulation. It’s described as the most secure in the WORLD and boasts a range of high-tech features, including a hologram.

But watch out, there might be problems if you try to use vending and ticket machines as it’s reported that some will not immediately accept the new coin. Although the Automatic Vending Association reassures us that around 85% of vending machines will be able to accept the new £1 coin and all will still accept the old coin.

Plus, there’s good news for shoppers as the Metro reports Tesco trolleys across many of its stores will be unlocked as the supermarket giant carries out upgrades so they can accept the new coin.

The new 12-sided coin features a gold outer ring and a silver inner ring but it could be a few weeks before you actually see one as they begin to filter through into general use. It’s also vital you know that the old round pound ceases to be legal tender on October 15.
The introduction of the new £1 coins follows concerns about the round pound being vulnerable to counterfeiters as it’s believed around one in every 30 £1 in people’s change in recent years has been fake!

How are you planning to spend your new £1 coin? Let us know your suggestions over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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