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How does your baby sleep at night?

How does your baby sleep at night?

Are you a new parent stressed out by the fact that your baby isn’t sleeping through the night yet? It’s a common concern of new mums and dads, often fraught by sleep deprivation. We know all too well what that’s like here at UKMums.TV - you hear of parents whose little bundles of joy are sleeping soundly all the way through and it’s enough to make you scream!

It’s no surprise then that, as the BBC reports, a rising number of consultants claim to be able to train babies to sleep without waking or demanding a feed. The thought will be tempting for many parents.

Of the 7,500 parents who took part in the survey, 35% said they were regularly sleep deprived and exhausted! But how many would go to such lengths as employ specialist? If you’re struggling with your child’s sleep at the moment, these facts from another study on what’s normal at six months will reassure you:

• Only 16% of babies slept through the night at six months old.
• 50% of babies woke occasionally.
• 9% of babies woke most nights.
• 17% of babies woke up more than once per night, ranging from twice to eight times
• 16% of six month olds had no regular sleeping pattern.
• 61% of babies slept in a room on their own by six months old, but 15% were usually or always brought into their parent's bed if they woke up.

How’s your baby sleeping and would you turn to a baby sleep professional for help? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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