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How gaming can encourage children to become active

How gaming can encourage children to become active took a look into how gaming can encourage children to become active and how the creator of the new piece of wearable tech called Brillar, believes he can use gaming in a positive way to encourage children to become active outside.

Kids are less active than they used to be. Less than 10% of 5 to 9 year-olds play real-world games indoors or outdoors, down from 40% in the 1990s. A recent study by the UK organisation Childwise found on average today's children spend six hours a day inactive in front of screens, and just six minutes a day outdoors.

To combat this, UK games company Glo Glu have released a piece of wearable tech that encourages children to go outside and become more active.

“As parents, we often feel guilty about using screen-based technology to babysit children. We tell ourselves – at least they are safe and we know where they are,” explains Sacha Visram, founder of Glo Glu. “To help address this we wanted to design a device that helped get kids up and active. The wearable Brillar, working with its sister App Roodymentary, harnesses the technology children find so spellbinding, but turns it into something that exercises more than just their thumbs!”

Brillar is part of a new generation of digital games that bring together real-world and screen-based play. The benefits are powerful. Children learn through play. Gaming is used both in classrooms and at home to encourage children’s development. When combined with being active, the impact is immediate and impressive. Movement is the best way to keep children focused. It prevents them from zoning out, and motivates them.

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Take a look at the YouTube video below explain how Brillar works:

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