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How safe is your newborn's trip in the car?

How safe is your newborn's trip in the car?

Studies have found that parents should avoid car journeys of more than 20 to 30 minutes until their baby is at least one month old.

Professor Fleming of Bristol University, examined 21 premature babies and 19 full-term for the findings, and found tots’ heart rate and breathing increased significantly and the amount of oxygen in their blood plummeted after less than 30 minutes in an infant car seat travelling at 30mph..

The story first broke in The Sun in October but now the BBC has reported the story too and has advised that 'Parents should use a car seat to protect their baby from harm in the event of an accident but journeys should be no longer than 20 to 30 minutes in the first few weeks after birth'. 

This of course raises the question of driving for many hours to see relatives or even taking the little ones out at night to settle them. We'd like to hear your thoughts on length of times in car seats and if you've exerienced any issues before. 

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