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How school-themed play aids learning

How school-themed play aids learning

The new school-themed Peppa Pig toys have taken over and we just love how much they look like the scenes on the show! Kids will love playing imaginatively with these and making up so many Peppa Pig stories.

As the new toys have a learning theme, we were inspired to find out more about what effect school-themed play has on kids. Learning through play is an important part of a child’s development, but did you know that specifically school-themed play has major benefits too?

Teaches children social cues

Cues such as putting your hand up to speak to the teacher or listening when the teacher is speaking are all small things, that children don’t usually learn until they start nursery or school. So school-themed learning can prepare them for this and make them a star pupil when they do start!

How to get along with classmates

Before nursery or pre-school, a lot of children aren’t used to being around other children their age all the time. This can often make it difficult for them to adapt to being in a group of other pre-schoolers. Playing imaginatively with school-themed toys can ease children into the dynamic of the classroom and prepare them to respect and get along with other kids.

Understanding different roles

Another great benefit of playing with school-themed toys is that kids learn that the teacher is a position of authority who they can confide in and trust.

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