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How to get horse lovers into riding!

How to get horse lovers into riding!

Schleich Horse Club toys have taken over so we’ve been inspired to find out how horse loving children can get into riding.

Horse riding is an amazing activity which is not only fun, but great exercise and a great way to teach children responsibility and discipline. So if your kids would like to give it a go, here are our top tips for getting them started!

  1. Your children don’t have to have their own horse to learn how to ride so the first thing to do is find your local riding school. The Hoofride website is the perfect tool for this!
  2. Speak to the riding instructor for advice on how much horse riding costs. Consider what you will need to buy them such as jodphurs and boots, then weigh up if you it’s possible for your family.
  3. If your kids really enjoy horse riding and want to continue, then consider joining the Pony Club. The Pony Club is open to anyone up to the age of 25 years old and it provides lots of extra support for horse riders. Instruction in riding and horsemastership is available to members as well as lesson in sportsmanship, citizenship, strength of character and self-discipline.

If your kids are already into horse riding, why not share your top tips with us and other mums @UKMumstv on Facebook or Twitter. To find out more about Schleich Horse Club, visit

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